July 18, 2012

Hot N Juicy

We finally tried Hot N Juicy last week. We went to the newer location, which is also closer to the strip (Spring Mtn/Valley View vs. Decatur), and slightly less crowded. We were treating my husband's cousin to her birthday dinner. It was her pick, she's been before and enjoys it. She ordered a pound of snow crab (hot & spicy, mild) Dungeness crab is seasonal, supposedly it was in season, but they were out, so we got a pound of snow crab + corn (garlic butter, extra spicy) and crawfish (hot & juicy special, extra spicy).

It was my first time eating crawfish whole, I love the tails, but it's so not worth the work or price. $9.99/lb and not even 1/4lb was edible. The snow crab wasn't meaty at all. It made us long for San Francisco. We also had cajun and sweet potato fries. I usually love sweet potato fries but these were limp and bland. We did like the cajun fries they were the spiciest thing we ate. Service was bad. It was a bad beat. $70 later, we were still hungry. Worse yet, our clothes stunk to high heavens afterwards, and the following day we could not get enough to drink. Holy sodium, Batman.

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