June 14, 2012

Gordon Ramsay Steak

This restaurant review is way past due. Before Gordon Ramsay Steak opened to the public I was fortunate to receive an invite to a preview dinner. Prior to be seated, we had a drink in the lounge. The cocktail menu seemed extensive, but I am more of beer girl and lucky for me they had a nice selection of beers too.

Shortly, thereafter, we were seated in the dining room on the main floor. Our waiter was kind and eager to answer our questions. He assisted us in choosing wine for our meal a riesling for me and a malbec for him. We started with a yummy variety of breads - the one with pancetta was a real winner - and then moved onto the sliders, which were a big disappointment. We also had yellowtail tuna which was fantastic! I loved the fresh clean flavors.

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Next, the main course was presented. The halibut was nicely prepared but failed to leave an impression. I have had better for much less. The New York strip on the other hand was very good. It was nicely seasoned with a beautiful crust. We added on crab and it was terrible. I actually questioned if it was imitation crab. Fortunately, the side of pureed potatoes were positively scrumptious and the crummy crab became a distant memory.

Dessert followed, we were given a treat of chocolate spoons to accompany our french press coffee while we waited for our tea trifle. The spoons were filled with alcohol, it's not something I enjoyed, but I appreciated the playful twist. The coffee was a lovely blend, I did enjoy that very much. The tea trifle, however, was a complete failure. We told our waiter as much as well. The ice cream on the side was very good, but the trifle was dry and bland. Just terrible.

The restaurant is comfortable, the staff was friendly and the meal itself was hit and miss. Our tab was comped, but totaled $300. In no way was our experience worthy of three hundred dollars. At that price point, the entire meal had better be stellar.

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