April 21, 2007

When it rains, it pours

It seems like Frank and I have ran into a string of rough luck, he's been fighting sciatica for the past three weeks. The pain has made everyday life incredibly tough for him. He can barely walk ten feet before his legs go completely numb and he doubles over in excruciating pain. He's been on a handful of meds over a week now and has experienced no improvement. He's awaiting a MRI to determine the next course of action, but trying to get authorization and an appointment has been a hellish nightmare.

Then, on Thursday, I fell at work. My ankle (same one I broke two years ago) swelled up instantly. Luckily, I could walk on it, it just hurt like hell. I went to Quick Care (they should come up with a new name, because they're anything but quick. Although, they are faster than the Emergency Room), hours and an x-ray later, I was thrilled to hear it wasn't broken. Just a severe sprain. I should be as good as new in 4-6 weeks when my ligaments heal.

Needless to say, Frank and I make a great pair. Despite our desperate need to get away, we cancelled our night at The Signature. With any luck, decent rates will be available when we are both feeling better.

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