September 16, 2005

On cloud nine...

I am in love. With my husband? Yes, but that’s stating the obvious. With Las Vegas? Yes, but again that is apparent. So what am I ever so infatuated by? A high rise condo, particularly, Club Renaissance.

I can recall, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to live in the city, in a skyscraper, high up above it all. I loved visiting Chicago, walking down Lake Shore Dr., Michigan Ave., State St., etc. all the while, marveling at the skyscrapers towering overhead or being mesmerized by the impressive skyline. I especially adored the views these high rises offered. Forever I’ve been intrigued by this lifestyle, up in clouds…

For me, Chicago lost its luster, but my roots will forever reside there. And now, my heart belongs to Las Vegas. From the first visit, I knew I was home. I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to live in skyscraper in Las Vegas. Then, the land values sky rocket, population growth continues and so the inevitable comes, the high rise condo craze begins.

I signed my name to every interest list since Turnberry started construction. Quickly, I learned the chances of living near the strip were slim, seeing that these high rises offered luxury condos with sky high prices. The starting prices of these units are not affordable to those who actually work and live in Las Vegas.

Then talk of high rise condos began for the downtown area. As you may imagine, I was thrilled. For most, the downtown area leaves something to be desired, but for us it’s comfortable and fun – we love downtown and we see the potential downtown Las Vegas holds. Again, I signed up on every interest list known. One after another, each was crossed off the list because the starting prices were steep. Then a glimmer of hope, Club Renaissance was announced. It claimed to be the only affordable high rise in Las Vegas and it claims to be the only sky scraper, sounds like perfection.

Months pass and I was finally contacted with presale information. Indeed, it is affordable. Plus, we were invited to be part of a focus group and by participating we’d receive friends and family pricing. Sounds good to me.

Last night, after a lovely dinner at Roberta’s (in the El Cortez). We headed to the Ice House for the focus group presentation. It was first look into floor plans and details about amenities were given. We found exactly what we’ve hoped for. Now, it’s just a matter of finding the means to be able to attain it. In the meantime, I am on cloud nine.

September 12, 2005

Vegas Juhl

So I’ve contemplated starting a blog for sometime now and I finally decided it was time, ultimately, because I need a central place to keep thoughts, reviews and other tidbits straight.

Vegas Juhl? How did the name come to be, you ask…

Well, Frank sent me a link to the following ridiculous article about Britney Spears:
Lightheartedly, I told Frank our first child would be named Vegas Jewel, since we love Vegas and I fell for him at Jewel (grocery store) when he carried my milk. Seeing as we have no intention of having kids anytime soon…Vegas Juhl was born. Why Juhl instead of Jewel? My name is misspelled so, of course, I have to keep with the trend -