December 2, 2016

Lucky Dragon

Last week, rather than Black Friday shopping, we went down to Lucky Dragon to see the first newly built casino since Cosmopolitan opened five years ago. Access was easy from Sahara Ave and the garage was a piece of cake to navigate, the parking garage elevators lead you directly into the casino. The casino itself is smaller than I expected, but well laid out. It doesn't feel the least bit cramped. It's incredibly clean, stylish and rather comfortable. The slot club is offering free play $8-$888 for new sign ups. It's worth a visit.

I brought my camera to snap photos, but I foolishly forgot to add the memory card. So, cellphone photos it is.

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KathyinNY said...

Oh love it. I wished I could come out that way each year but I have so many other lovely places I need to see.
Happy Holidays to you and your family!