February 18, 2015

Duzan Mediterranean Cafe & Tapas

I noticed Duzan on one of my regular trips to Trader Joe's. It's tucked in the same shopping center at the Anthem location. Later, after chatting with the owner, I learned that Amena Bakery & Cafe in the Trader Joe's shopping center on Decatur is run by the same family. In fact, the scrumptious pillowy pita bread served at Duzan is baked at Amena. My brother had told me about Amena, and I made the mental note to check it out, but I'm rarely in the area. Imagine my delight, when I made the connection; Duzan is in my neighborhood and it's fantastic.

We were started with an assortment of olives, cauliflower and pickles. All had a pleasant bite.

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I chose the gyro sandwich and Frank had the shish kabob. Everything was fresh and well seasoned. The hummus is outstanding. Duzan has a unique stamp on their menu items since they are made in house with specialty spices, etc. which are imported. If you like spicy, ask for the hot sauce. It's is mighty fiery, but it also has well developed bold flavors. Additionally, I didn't get a photo of the coconut chocolate balls or the baklava. Both were rich in flavor, but neither were too sweet. Do give both a try.

The owner is gracious as can be. You can tell he's passionate about his food. It's a great healthful choice! Vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike will not be disappointed.

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