January 23, 2015

Fukuburger at F.A.M.E.

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After riding the High Roller we strolled down the Linq corridor in search of a light meal. We settled on Fukuburger inside F.A.M.E. We were warmly welcomed and any questions we had about the menu were answered eagerly. Sandwiches are all $7.99 with 6 main selections and a few specials. We chose the Chicken Katsu sandwich with habanero kabayaki, instead of crack sauce. The spicy sauce is usually served on the Karai burger. The chicken is pounded thin and coated with panko and fried crisp. It sits atop a soft bun and it's topped with shredded cabbage and katsu sauce. We also ordered garlic fries which come with crack sauce. They give you a silly nick name for when your order's ready. Our order was up when "Frank the Tank" was called. Frank's mom was "Lady Luck" she ordered the Fuku Burger which is your traditional cheeseburger with wasabi mayo and fuku sauce.

Our order was quickly prepared, it was fresh and tasty. We really enjoyed the Chicken Katsu with the extra kick. I've previously given flack to Fukuburger (truck) for not unleashing the heat on their spicy burger. I'm happy to see they've amped up the spice over time. The sandwich had great flavor. I was less impressed with the bite of the Fukuburger, because it was loaded with mayo. I'm not fond of mayo, hence the substitution of the habanero kabayaki. So it was just a matter of personal taste, Frank and his mom enjoyed it. They also liked the crack sauce. I didn't find it as addicting (again, the mayo) but I did like the garlic fries, even if they were light in garlic flavor.

Overall, Fukuburger serves up a moderately priced quick bite that is served fresh. Which can be a tough find center strip. They've come a long way since late nights in Chinatown parking lots.

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