March 20, 2014

Spring is here!

Every year I look forward to spring! It means I survived another winter. Even after ten years in the desert, I still hate winter. Spring, though, is fantastic. Weather in Vegas is perfect. Trees bud, flowers bloom, it's such a pretty time of year. It's like a fresh start. I can use one. Life has it's share of ups and downs, but the last few months have been challenging.

I've been trying to post regularly, sometimes I fall short. Ever since my car accident in December, I've suffered neck and shoulder pain. Sitting in front of the computer can be very uncomfortable so I've been limiting my time online. I've been avoiding everything that seems to leave me more achy than usual. I find myself lying in bed most of the time. I've tried physical therapy, but it was little help. My insurance sucks now limits my visits to 25 per year. So, I've stopped going. I continue to do exercises at home. I recently had an MRI since I've had little improvement since my accident (relief seems to only come from muscle relaxers) and it showed some damage to C5/C6, thankfully there is no compression from herniated or bulging discs. Which is what I expected, if I had a bulging or herniated disc I would experience high levels of pain and it would be constant. Instead, I start most days ok and worsen as the day goes on. The MRI revealed soft tissue damage and severe inflammation. The x-ray taken the day after the accident showed the same inflammation. Normal necks have a C curve, I've lost this, mine is nearly as straight as an arrow. My doctor suggested continuing physical therapy, medicate with muscle relaxers and ibuprofen, limit activities that aggrevate it and have patience. It can take a year for soft tissue to heal.

Seven months to go... yippee! I'm beyond frustrated. I started exercising in February, but the pain was more than I wanted to bear so I stopped. After the MRI, I started again, I started with just completing a mile on the treadmill. Each day, I add a little more rather than going all gun-ho. It seems to be going ok, definitely a lot better than last month. But I still have bad days. It's not even clear what makes it a good day or bad day. I haven't found real rhyme or reason. I'm determined to press on and make it over this hurdle.

I don't think I ever mentioned that I bought a new car before the new year, it's a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. It is a great little car for the price. It has cloth seats that are heated. I don't like leather in the desert, but I do love me some heated seats so that sold me. I've had it almost three months and I have no complaints. I miss having no payment, but I don't miss my Impala. Even Frank is comfortable in the Elantra, we took it to San Diego and we both enjoyed the ride.

In addition to the warm perfect weather, I'm looking forward to the fun and adventures that lie ahead. Ecuador is around the corner, it's crazy how quickly that trip has sprung up. I've also booked trips in May to San Francisco for my brother-in-law's wedding and to Chicago for my sister's baby shower. Amy just found out that the baby is a girl. Her and Jeff are ectastic. Nicky really wanted a brother, but I'm certain he'll love having a little sister. I know he'll be such a great brother. I'm thrilled that I'll have a niece and nephew.


NevadaJay said...

Sorry to hear about your back/neck pain. That is so not fun. I've experienced incidental back and neck pain at times - like taking a shower and then all of a sudden there's this 'uh oh' feeling that permeates the central nervous system. I've been lucky and I knock on wood, that it's been short lived. I hope your inflammation and swelling dissipates over the next several months.

Cool looking car. I know what you mean about payments - we haven't had one in 3 years and although I know it's coming, it is nice not to have one. I have come to a point in my life where I don't care what people think of the car I'm driving...thankfully! Because I'd sure love a new SUV! I'm saving for that day though....because it's going to come.

Very jealous of your weather...of course...and again. Mid 20's in the midwest BLOWS ASS when the average is 20 degrees warmer...COME ON SPRING!

With your pain, does that mean no more buggy'ing in the desert this year?

Kellee said...
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