December 11, 2013

The Mister's Birthday Celebration

Each year for three months, Frank gets to be an old man. Then, my birthday comes and we're just old together. Ha!

His birthday fell on Sunday and I suspect his birthday wish was to win his fantasy leagues. Once he got off work, I surprised him with cupcakes from Mad Hatter. It's become tradition. We don't exchange gifts but I've ordered him a new humidor, we just received the barrel box set of Breaking Bad and I picked up a nice display case for a Louisville Slugger Bat his brother had engraved for him; I got it mounted on the wall as one last surprise.

He chose Joe's Stone Crab for dinner. Who could argue? We received a warm welcome back and ordering was quick and painless. We started with oysters Rockefeller, I haven't had them elsewhere for comparison, but these are delicious. Even if you're not that fond of oysters I'm certain you'll enjoy these. What doesn't cheese and butter make better? Needless to say, they're so rich and delicious.

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It's been a terrible season for Stone Crab, they weren't offering any the night of our visit. However, they have the Pacific crab which is nearly identical. Frank had it before and swears it was just as good. It's slightly less expensive, and I found it not to be as sweet as Stone Crab. It was still mighty tasty, though.

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We also shared an order of Brussels sprouts with pork belly and apple cider. They were good, but not our favorite. I've enjoyed other sides quite a bit more.

Before they brought the check, they brought out a brownie sundae with a candle. Frank got one last birthday wish.


Amy said...

Jealous of Mad Hatter's! I'd do almost anything for one :) Sounds like Frank had a nice birthday

Kellee said...

They are so good! And a special treat now that they're across town.