October 11, 2013


If it were a few years ago, I would've recommended Stripburger. It used to be a favorite. Prices went up, competition grew fierce and it wasn't as convenient for me to frequent it so its been a long while since I've been.

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My brother and I were reminiscing and decided to grab dinner there tonight. I was pleased to see they still had the atomic fries on the menu. I recall them being delicious. They were still good, but I missed the heavy hand of jalapenos. These were pretty sparse. I ordered the jalapeno popper burger and he couldn't choose between the BBQ Whiskey burger or the Blue burger so he opted for the sampler of three sliders so he could try them both. He also got a shake since he used to love it. The burgers should have been prepared medium, they were medium well at best. The buns were dry, the meat crumbled. The fried cheese on my burger tasted like flour and grease. I pulled it off so it would be edible. His BBQ burger came with mayo and really threw off the flavor. At least, the shake was decent.

The waitress never asked how our meal was, but she was pretty prompt refilling drinks and taking our order. $40 later, we were wishing we went to In & Out and bought doubles for everyone in line. Money would have been better spent. It's a shame how bad this place has become.

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