October 28, 2013

Sapphire's Comedy Hour

Comedy at a strip club? Well, I'm sure comedy occurs in clubs all across the country. But an actual show? Yes, you'll find that here in Vegas, Friday and Saturdays at the Showroom inside Sapphire; the World's Largest Gentlemen's Club, they even have entertainment for the ladies with the Men of Sapphire. The Comedy Hour, however, was news to me. I didn't know about it until the lovely and talented Linda Lou announced she was performing. Comedy. Not dancing, just to clarify. I was fortunate that I was placed on the guest list. Frank was unable to go, but my brother happily tagged along. Strip club? Sure.

Before the show started, we were entertained with funny videos, magic and body painting. Our host was Donnie Johnson. Guest comedian was BReal Robinson, Linda Lou was the feature act, and P.J. McGuire headlined. In between, the darling Buttercup Delight dazzled with her burlesque. Scandal and Mon Dre entertained us with their slight of hand and other tricks and there was plenty of eye candy throughout. It was a fun evening. I might be biased, but I think Linda stole the show.

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The unexpected joke of the evening is that the Men of Sapphire actually perform in the Showroom. I did not know this. I figured it out when the room filled with ladies when the headliner neared the end of his bit. My brother was clued in about the same time. He couldn't believe I brought him to a male review. The promo video was enough for him to bolt. He wanted to wash his eyes out with soap, but it was coconut scented. Instead, we popped over to the lavish area where the ladies perform. It was indeed the largest room I've ever seen, classy, too. I'm sure it is a fun way to part with loads cash. We were welcome to stay, but we headed home. Party poopers, I know.

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