September 6, 2013

Restaurant Week: Circo

We weren't off to a great start with Restaurant Week so we decided to raise the bar and have dinner at Circo inside Bellagio. It's been our favorite restaurant for some time. We knew it would not disappoint. We had reservations and we were seated in a prime spot in the center of the room against the windows overlooking Lake Como. Service was exceptional as always.

We started with calamari and caprese. While both were very good, neither are stellar starters. I like the Carpaccio a bit more. Still they were lovely presentations.

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It's Mama Egi's ravioli that brings us back again and again. Frank and I both chose it for our entrée so no sharing was necessary. It was heavenly.

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And then we ended the meal with the infamous tiramisu made by angels. It is without a doubt my most beloved version of tiramisu. I will be a real shame when Circo closes in May. There are no words to express how greatly I will miss these celestial treats.

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Frank and I vowed to return to Circo as much as possible before it closes. We ought to return sooner than later, I'm afraid it might inevitably take a turn for the worse with Mario Maccioni's departure. He's been on site for fifteen years, but recently left to pursue other ventures. With the upcoming closure, the fifteen year contract was not renewed and his services were no longer required. Las Vegas should mourn the loss, but the dining scene has changed. Today is more about gourmet burgers and pizza slices, than a true gourmet meal. This makes me incredibly sad.

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