November 28, 2012

Where, Oh, Where has November gone?

Just as I was getting ahead. I fell way, way behind. Seriously, this month flew. I blinked and it was gone. As with any hiatus, I have much to share.

My brother had been living with us since January, he moved out at the beginning of the month into his own apartment near the Palms. He teases, "never did I imagine there would be a Las Vegas Casino in my front yard." But it's true. He's traveled some bumpy roads over the years, I'm very happy and proud that he's found solid ground and is getting settled.

We took a trip to San Francisco to see the sights and see the Bears get crushed by the 49ers. My mom came along, it was her first visit and her first Bears game. I caught some nasty germies and they've left me weak and weary. I've been sick a week, I'm feeling better, but not well.

We've also tried a number of new restaurants. So add those to the list of details to come.

November 6, 2012

Bacchanal Buffet

Like me, you've probably heard nothing but praises for Caesars new buffet. Renovations have been figured at 17 million for Bacchanal's 25,000 square foot space. That alone is pretty impressive, but it also claims to offer more than 500 individual menu items with seafood, meat, Italian, Asian and Mexican stations, as well as an array of desserts.

Friends were visiting from out of town and it was a must eat for them. It seemed like an opportune time to give it a try so I joined them. We met for brunch, I arrived at 10:45 and we were seated by 11 o'clock. Weekend brunch is $39.99 with a Total Rewards card. I believe it is $3 more without it.

We were seated in the back. Once settled, we scattered in search of tasty eats rather than waiting for our server to tend to our drink order.

We began at the Asian station, which offered your typical stir-frys, springrolls and a variety of dumplings. There was space for a live action station, but no one was manning it. There was no signage to indicate what was available either.

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From there, offerings include fromage and charcuterie. The selection isn't high quality, but it was better than what you'd find at most grocer delis. The rolls topped with cheese and carmelized onions were tasty. I got seconds on those.

There were a lot of breakfast items, made to order omelets, croque-monsieur/madame, steak and eggs, pancakes, french toast, sausage, bacon and potatoes.

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The next section offered comfort foods like sliders, waffle fries, tater tots and potato skins. Plus, a selection of carved meats. Those individual dishes are cute, but not so practical. It's hard to juggle because they take so much space, the cast iron dishes are warm to the touch. Some with heat sensitivity might have a real problem.

The last stop before dessert was seafood and freshly squeezed juices. This is actually the first section seen from the entrance. There were mussels, oysters, crab legs and prawns.

Moving over to desserts: there was a crepe station, cookie jars, plated treats, pastries, candy and a gelato bar.

The dining room has a few large tables for big groups.

They must have already scaled back staff, drink service was terrible. We sat down with our first plate and we were completely ignored or server checked on all the tables around us but never stopped by. My friend left the table to flag her down. She brought over mimosas. She had a gentlemen assisting and he kept our first few glasses full. I had asked for a water, but never received it. Plates took a while to be cleared. I expected far more attention.

I sampled a bit of everything, nothing was bad, but only a few things were memorable. 17 million spent, and what did I enjoy most? The tater tots. The gelatos were really delicious too. I tried the vanilla fleur de sel and the fig and balsamic. The watermelon sorbet was nice and refreshing too.

Buffets used to have value. These days, I'd rather spend $45 on a nice plate of food prepared just for me. If I compare the buffets I've dined semi-recently I'd say Bacchanal is far better than the Rio, but comparable to M Resort.

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November 5, 2012

Las Papusas

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I have completely forgotten to write this review before now. Las Pupusas has become a favorite lunch spot. You can't beat $1.75 Pupusas and tacos. My brother enjoys the tacos, but I prefer those delicous pancake like treats filled with queso. Made even better with fresh slaw and tomato sauce. Calling in orders often means mystery items, rarely is the order accurate, but nothing has ever been bad. Dining in has avoided any problems. Service is quick and friendly. It's one of the best cheap and tasty eats around.

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November 1, 2012

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