Stayin' Alive

November 14, 2011
We had a fantastic time in San Francisco, but before I tell you all about our trip, I'll share details of our dinner last night at Beso inside Crystals at CityCenter.

A couple months ago, I bought a travelzoo voucher which offered a champagne dinner for two for $79. With all the noise about bankruptcies at Eve and Beso. I was unsure how long the restaurant would be able to keep its doors open.

So far, so good. Beso is stayin' alive. They actually had a large crowd dining last night. I would not expect tables to be near capacity on a Sunday evening, but they did just that.

We received warm bread and soft butter to get us started. That's always a good combo, all too often we run into room temperature bread and ice cold butter.

With the voucher we had our choice of appetizer, two soups or salads, two entrees and a shared dessert.

We began with calamari. This was a good version, tender with a light crisp breading. Topped with tomatoes, peppers, cojita cheese and served with lime and two dipping sauces.

Next, we had the Beso Caprese with avocado and the seafood louie salad.

Frank's caprese was the better choice by far, there was nothing notable about the louie - at all.

Then, for entrees, Frank had the 16oz NY strip and I went with a 12oz filet. Both were really good, with a nice crust. Neither of us could finish. We haven't had that much red meat in a long while.

Dessert was churros with caramel sauce and chantilly cream. Yum! Not sure how, she can't possibly eat any of those recipes but Eva knows food... or at least, hired people that know food. I was pleasantly surprised.

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