July 22, 2011

Let the adventures begin

"It's like the Firebird and Jimmy had a baby." This is what I told Frank when he parked the RZR 4 in the garage. It's so shiny and new, all I want to do is go out and get it dirty.

The sun was already setting when we got it home from the dealer. Frank was tempted to take it out, but I told him to wait since darkness was coming soon. Sure, there are headlights, but it wasn't insured so I'd rather not take any chances.

Today, I got the insurance all set. So, we're ready to ride... the easy trails. We need a few accessories before we really put it to the test. We need a roof, this fair skinned redhead needs all the protection from the sun I can get. We need to install skid plates. We also need helmets. Frank ordered his, it's due in soon. I haven't found one yet. There's a motorcycle helmet I like, and it's a great fit, but I'm concerned about that the visor isn't enough protection from dirt and dust. I think a dirt helmet is the smarter way to go, but I need to find one that fits. I found a couple stores, Sam's Cycle Supply and Cycle Gear, both are known to have a good selection so I'll be checking those out.

All day long I've had that "Bang on the Drum" song stuck in my head.

I don't want to work.
I just want to play in the desert all day.

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