April 25, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

What a great weekend! We ran some errands, but also left plenty of time for fun. I bought Nicky a baseball bat and mit on Friday. There was a lot of baseball played this weekend. It turns out he's a pretty good hitter and he already has an arm. Hey, White Sox! This kid can play. Ok, so he's a long way off from the majors, but I can see him really enjoying t-ball or little league.

While playing baseball, Saturday afternoon, I happened to catch the Easter bunny on my street out of the corner of my eye. I pointed her out to Nicky and he bolted down the street to meet her. I didn't know why she was there so I didn't want to keep her, but I didn't see the harm in letting Nicky say hi. She waved us over. They exhanged hugs, she threw him a pitch and he hit it. It was such a great moment. Absolutely priceless. They chatted each other up and then I told him the Easter bunny was very busy, there were eggs to be hidden and baskets to be given to good girls and boys so we had to go. The bunny agreed, they had one last good bye and then we ran back to my house to tell Amy what had happened. She had only went inside for a few minutes, but she totally missed out. No clue why the bunny was there, but I'm so happy I noticed. I'm sure it'll be a lasting memory.

We enjoyed dying eggs and had an Easter egg hunt at mom's house on Sunday. It was hysterical getting Nicky to find the eggs. He was obivious to our blatant hints. He did eventually find all 30 (with some major assistance) which contained a mixture of dollars, coins and candy. He made out well. We had a yummy meal and lots of laughs. Holidays are so much more fun with kids.

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