March 24, 2011

A Banned Wishlist

Forget about banning social media and the like in the workplace. Let's talk about banning workplace pet peeves and annoyances. What are the things that drive you mad while you're earning that almighty dollar? If you could ban anything in the workplace, what would it be?

Here's my wishlist:

Ringtones. First of all, your cell should be on vibrate. Ringing can be obnoxious enough, but no one wants to listen to T-Pain's Apple Bottom Jeans 101 times a day. Especially, not me. Seriously, this may just drive me to the loony bin one day.

Microwaving fish or burning popcorn. I honestly have no idea which is worse. They both linger and the stink lasts for days. What is worse is burnt popcorn and microwaving fish in the same day. I didn't think the office would ever shake that stench.

Repetitive noise. It's a personal pet peeve that drives me bonkers. It can be the same song over and over. Tapping of a pen or foot. Chirping of missed call or low battery.

Strong perfume or cologne. I shouldn't smell you coming or going. I shouldn't smell you in a room you left or while walking down the hall as I near your office. Besides your strong scent wreaking havok on my allergies, it also makes me wonder what you are hiding with a scent so powerful.

Whining. We are all adults. Start acting like it.

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