December 22, 2010

Sick and Tired

Yeah, so those sniffles Frank had on the plane ride home turned into a full-blown cold. He loves to share, and his sicky germs were no exception. My head was heavy from pressure building the first couple days, by Friday night, I was hot and cold. Mainly, hot, which is wildly unusual for me. Frank and I never got out of bed on Saturday. We knocked out the recorded tv on dvr and shared a box of Kleenex. Sunday he went to work rested, and feeling much better. I, on the other hand, felt miserable. After running a few errands that had to be done, I curled up in a blanket and vegged in the recliner.

By Monday, my sinuses were raw and I was simply exhausted after a full day's work, skelelton crews and rainy days mean no time off for me. Still, we had a mini-christmas celebration with my mom, the biggest gift of all was the Bears winning their division. Mattered little to me, heresy with my Chicago roots, I know, but it's true. I never got into football until I could bet on it, suddenly it became far more interesting. We exhanged gifts and had a nice visit before I turned in early due to feeling like utter crap.

Tuesday, I dropped my mom off at the airport before work. She's spending the holidays with the family back in Chicago. She was dreading the cold and snow, but all that fun and laughter with Nicky will keep her warm. My sickness continued throughout the day, and just when I thought I was feeling better, the pressure and gunk made it's way to my left side. Joy. Frank played in a poker tournament so that allowed me time to sleep. I was out by 9pm. Yes, I am a rockstar. I know that's what you were thinking.

Today, unfortunately, is more of the same. I thought the ick was going to stay on the right, but it has indeed shifted left. Looking at the brightside, it should be on it's way out very soon.

A healthy dose of sunshine would make me feel worlds better. I have not seen the sun since we left Mexico last Tuesday. Las Vegas has been cloaked with clouds since, and it has rained practically non-stop since Sunday. Prior to that there were scattered storms. This is great for the roofing business, but I'm so beyond over it. I cannot even express it. At this point, sunshine feels like a distant memory. I told my sister, I forgot what the sun looks like. She said, I was being dramatic. Maybe? But it's true. I complain whenever clouds linger, but I don't remember days upon days of gloom. It feels like California in May or June.

My brother-in-law is coming for Christmas, he and his friend, get in Friday afternoon. He has a history of bringing cold and snow, I have a history of being sick when he visits. We have a deal this time, he won't bring the cold. I will be healthy. We'll see how than pans out.

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