December 23, 2010


By golly! I saw the sun. It was only for a quick minute this morning when it raised above the clouds that had collected over the east valley. It blinded me for a moment. Then, it was gone. It might be shining at this very moment, but I wouldn't know. I've been chained to my desk since I arrived this morning, answering roof leak call, after roof leak call. Let me tell you, everyone who took this week off, chose a mighty fine time to do so. It's been crazed.

In five more hours, my holiday weekend will begin. Three fun-filled days lie ahead. I cannot wait.

Last night, we attempted to eat at Rio's buffet. We have two free to any of Harrah's, eh scratch that, Caesars Entertainment Properties. I think Spice Market is still likely the best, but it's been a decade since we've been to the feast at the Rio, we thought we'd give it a whirl. No dice. The place was pretty well dead, except the buffet. The line snaked all around the buffet and around the poker room. There is no buffet worth that wait, even if it were free.

We bailed, and went to Southpoint. I had heard Steak & Shake had opened. We went in, and were were impressed by the addition. The poker room is large and quite nice, and the sports book? Huge. The Race Book is now separate and it really caters to the horse player. This is the place for racing. We wandered over to Steak & Shake, we were greeted by another monster line. No burger was worth that wait. I told Frank I was 0-2, I'm not making another pick. Dinner was his choice. Raising Cane's it was, it hit the spot. Check out Vegas Values: Crazy about Cane's for details. I had been craving it since Monday. We went to Off the Strip that night for dinner, instead. I was burger'd out and had a hankering for fried chicken. I had a shitty buffalo chicken wrap. Needless to say it did little to satisfy my craving.

While we talking food, let me tell you about a lunch I had last week at the Palm. On of the project managers treated all of us ladies in the office. We had a private room in back. our choice of soup or salad, entree (steak or salmon) and dessert. I had the caesar salad. It had nice flavor and a ton of anchovies, six, I think. Usually, you'll get a filet or two. The sauteed salmon angelo which was a wine butter sauce with capers and artichokes. It was beautifully prepared and quite tasty. We also had shared plates of chips, fried onions and veggies. Dessert followed, key-lime pie or NY Cheesecake. I had the latter, it was rich and creamy. Service was attentive, we had two, that catered to the ten of us. Overall, it was a nice experience.

Time to run, duty calls. And calls, and calls.

Safe travels all! Merry Christmas!

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