December 2, 2010

Made a list, checked it twice

The holidays are near, but I'm not talking about a naughty or nice list. Just a to-do list of things that needed to be done, and places I needed to be all before we left for vacation. Let me tell you that list was so overwhelming a couple weeks ago, but I'm thrilled to see only two major things remain.

I still have christmas cards to send, I plan to decorate and put up the tree this weekend, there are a few christmas gifts left to buy and I'm sure other to-do's will come about, so I'm not out of the woods just yet. Still, it's nice to feel back in control.

We had a nice night out, yesterday. Frank wasn't feeling Delmonico, last night, he just had steak on Monday. So, we went to Sushi Mon. We had a great dinner, we sampled a bunch of rolls and nigiri. The snow crab was the best! The halibut was pretty good, and I initially shot Frank down when he suggested octopus. I couldn't help but think we'd be eating the bait I was using on the fishing charter. No part of that seemed appetizing. It's rare that I turn my nose up at something so he had to order it, I had to try it. Fortunately, it wasn't completely raw like I imagined, it was poached. But still far too chewy for my tastes. I ate it, but it's not something I'd order again.

We skipped dessert, because we had cupcakes waiting at home. I had swung by Mad Hatter after work to pick out some of our favorites, red velvet and island joy. My goodness, they are good. Birthday celebrations will continue whenever Frank decides to cash in his meal at Delmonico, and we will see the Lion King next month. We'll be looking forward to both.

There are a couple openings we're waiting on, Cosmopolitan opens December 15 and Steak and Shake opens at South Point later this month. Per usual, we'll attend the opening night festivities hopefully we'll be impressed with the Cosmo than we were with CityCenter. At the very least, there are few restaurants that the hotel will bring that I'm anxious to try. Not sure if I'll get to them sooner or later, either way, I'm interested to see the reviews roll out.

Our Christmas plans are up in the air at this point, the only thing for certain is my brother-in-law, Bob, is coming for a visit. It's been a year since he was last here, not a whole lot has changed, but a sampling of good eats is sure to be in our future. He'll head home just before New Year's Eve. Wild to think we'll be welcoming 2011 in a few short weeks. 2010 is nearly behind us. Wow.

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