December 28, 2010

It's Happy Hour Somewhere

Happy Hour deals are really fantastic. I love that more and more, including reverse happy hours are popping up. Yesterday, we took advantage of old favorites. First, we went to Seablue for $1 shrimp and $4 Stella. 42 shrimp, lobster corn dogs, a chicken skewer (not worth $3, btw) and 6 Stellas later, we were giddy and had full bellies. We had been keeping an eye on the game during our meal, we thought we'd catch the rest at PT's. It was an easy choice since they have 50% off drinks until 7:00. Drank beers and enjoyed the game, Frank and Bob won their parlay bets. I fared well in fantasy. I only have a 20-point deficit going into tonight's game. I just need Vick to shine like he has past weeks. If I pull off the win tonight I win my fantasy league. I'm guaranteed money either way, but I'd like to secure that top prize.

Good eats lie ahead, we're meeting up at Archi's for lunch. Noon cannot come soon enough, it's all I've been able to think about. Well, that, and tonight's dinner at Aureole. We had a fantastic meal last year for Frank's birthday, I hope this one is just as good. Bob already has his sights set on wine. I tend to think we'll end up choosing the Parallel Tasting menu again, this time with wine pairings. The options have changed since last year, but the current menu appears to be stellar. We shall see for ourselves tonight. With any luck, by the time our reservation rolls around I'll be able to celebrate my fantasy football victory.

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