December 1, 2010

Heat Wave Alert

Mother nature has taken a break from her latest tricks. It's a whopping 55 degrees today in America's playground. Who would've thought December would bring a heat wave. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but gosh it sure feels warm after a week in the low 40's. The sun is just rising when I leave for work and it sets before I head home so I'm not sure I've actually felt temperatures above 38 in more than week. The mercury is supposed to continue to rise, we should be back into the 60's this weekend. Such a relief, my body has been so achy for hovering in the fetal position to keep warm. Hurricane Mikey tells me I'm a cold weather wimp, and I can't argue. I positively am.

I might have my dear husband to thank for this warm spell. He's been telling me for days it should be nice on his birthday. It almost always is. While I wouldn't call it nice, it sure is warmer. I'll take it. We plan to celebrate at Delmonico. I have a surprise up my sleeve so it'll be fun to unveil that, too.

Aside from that we're just counting down the days until Vacation. This time next week you'll find me on an isolated beach, listening to the ocean crash while I enjoy the warmth of the sun and caribbean sea breezes dance across my skin. That's right, our Mexico trip is nearly here. Hooray!

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