December 17, 2010

Buena la Vida

We thought we'd be up for sunrise, but we were beat. I think we slept until 9am. We went down for breakfast (it's included with our stay). We were started with a fruit plate and toast. Then, we asked for yogurt, granola and honey. A favorite breakfast from past trips.

Afterwards, we went for a swim. Perfection.

Then, we relaxed... watched the ocean channel and read.

Tough gig, but somebody's got to do it. We took a break when they brought us a snack and cocktail. We were treated to the house drink with creme de menth and pineapple. Frank doesn't like pineapple so that meant two drinks for me. Our snack was tempura fish.

Then we continued to watch and read until we worked up a hunger. We had lunch at the restaurant. An amuse bouche of clams to start, crispy duck salad and paella. It was all great, but it was the salad I loved.

We returned to our cabana and wasted away until rain drops chased us out. We showered and changed, then went out to Akumal for the night. We drove around to see what was new. After touring the area, and buying cigars, we went to Buena La Vida for drinks. Those Modelo Especial go down smooth and hit the spot. After a couple, we decided to stay for dinner. We had guacamole, ceviche and we shared enchiladas with rojo and verde sauces. Bueno.

This must be the Good Life mascot?

Bellies full, we returned to our hotel to relish another night of hammocking, while enjoying cerveza and a cigar. We snuggled close to keep warm, but it was a muy muy frio night's sleep.

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