November 10, 2010

Hello, Lovelies

As fun as San Francisco is, my heart is in Sin City. I was very happy to get home late last night. We had a great time. We ate a lot. We walked a lot. However, I didn't walk enough, my scale this morning shared the ghastly news that I gained two pounds over the weekend. I suppose I should've relied less on the cable cars to tote my ass around. But they're fun, and every single bite I inhaled was worth while. We ate crab, and more crab. We ate pasta, and more pasta. We ate deli sandwich, after deli sandwich and we even saved room for Chinese treats.

We saw some sights we missed last time, and we fought the rain, and enjoyed the sunshine. Monday was a perfect day, or so we were told numerous times. It was 60 and sunny. Beautiful days in those parts must equal sunny skies. I was chilled the entire time, but layers and scarfs kept me warm. Brought home souvenirs this trip, that I wish we could have done with out. Any guesses? Considering it is San Francisco they were oddly appropriate, but I hadn't had a need for one since I was a small child. And then it was mostly to play Mary Poppins.

Anyway, once I sort through the photos, I'll share them along with the details of our trip.

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