October 18, 2010

Just because

I thought I'd talk tv today, or share about my un-awesome start to my awesome weekend. Instead, I just want to say thanks. Thanks for coming by and seeing what's new. Your comments brighten my day, and your readership means a lot. It's comforting to know there is an audience out there who takes time from their day to read about mine. When I started this blog, I did it so I'd have a centralized place to keep my thoughts straight. Now, I try to give a look into the life of a Las Vegan. Among my other ramblings, I try to provide tips and tidbits about this great city, I'm fortunate to call home. Anyway, I'm grateful for each of you that are part of my journey.

Just so this isn't all mush. Did anyone catch the Cosmopolitan commercial last night during Mad Men? It seems they're taking the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" to a whole new level. I can honestly say I never expected it, and I'm a little more intrigued about the property than I was before. By the looks of it, I would not want to be the one responsible for cleaning and maintaining the guest rooms. Also, I spotted dogs, pussy, chicks, tail or doe... ducks? And are they screwing like bunnies??


Jay said...

Wow, that is disturbingly...well, sexy. Gosh, does that sound bad...but hey, it's true, at least for me. But I'm still not interested in their property to be honest. Can't imagine paying so much for a place to lay my head for a night or two. That's just me though. So not high maintenance.

Kellee said...

It's definitely different. I'll watch rates, and hopefully find a deal sometime. I like to knock hotels off the list.

Christine said...

i saw that during the show and was like " WTF is this for?!"

looks too highfalutin for me.