May 28, 2010

Another Mina joint to love

Seablue and Nobhill are two of my favorite restaurants in the city. I've been a fan for years. I remember being excited to check out Stripsteak when it first opened in Mandalay Bay. It was an enjoyable meal, but it didn't win me over like the other two. Now, his newest kid on the block is American Fish. I've been anxious to check it out. We finally did, last week. As an aside, I realize it's a crime I haven't been to Michael Mina at Bellagio yet. I intend to correct that the first opportunity I get.

Back to American Fish, we had a tasty meal and we were not disappointed. Check out Vegas Values: American Fish for details.

Here's additional eye candy. Enjoy.

Louisiana Chowder & chocolate custard

Approaching the weekend

It's nearly here, at last. What a week!

A restful weekend by the pool sounds lovely... fire up the grill, mix margaritas, yes, that sound very nice, indeed.

However, my house is need of a deep cleaning. Scrubbing the floors and showers, and all that jazz. Hoping to get that all done tomorrow. I would also like to trim the rose bushes and oleander. If I find the time. I want to power wash the backyard walls. It's particularly filthy where the vines were.

Sunday and Monday we will complete mom's move. Frank plans to tackle the landscaping and I figure I'll clean, unpack and organize. It's time she feels at home.

Plans are in place for BBQ and bonfire. So, it will be nice to kick back under the stars, and listen to the roar of the fire while we knock back a few cold ones.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day. God bless America, and the men & women who fought, and/or continue to fight for our freedoms, and the freedoms of others in foreign lands.

Pioneer Woman, one of my daily blogs, has been sharing photos all week with the theme "Coming Home". Talk about photos speaking a thousand words... check them out.

May 27, 2010

Dirty Heads and more

I'm pretty late with the details from Saturday's concert. This CityCenter debacle does not have time on my side. It's been a crazy week. Looks like next week will be more of the same. Nothing like reliving projects after they've been complete. I can't complain too much I still have a job. As long as I'm collecting a paycheck I'm a team player.

Back to the concert, it took place at Henderson's Event Center. It's a small venue and it was perfect for the show. It was nice to be up close and personal with the bands. Crowds were laid back and friendly. Frank said he felt old. The show drew a bunch of teens and 20-somethings, but there was still a fair share from the 30+ crowd. I just felt vanilla. Only my ears are pierced, I have no tats and my hair color is natural. My boobs are real, too. I was a bit of an oddity for a woman of my age.

Drinks (from $3) and food ($2 tacos) were reasonable, and there were flushing toilets. A rare treat for an outdoor show. Winds weren't even a bother, because of the way the stage is designed. We got seated in the front row and camped out all night. The collection of bands were much better than I expected. I'd gladly see any of them again. Most did meet and greets and signings throughout the event, even the Dirty Heads. I chatted with Dustin and Mike bought a cd and got it signed by all the members of the band, except Jared, he hadn't arrived yet. Only complaint is that the venue underestimated the amount of beer sales. They sold Miller Lite, MGD, and Fosters. The Miller Lite ran out about 7 o'clock. Mike and Frank were sorely disappointed they opted for MGD. Those ran out just before Dirty Heads took the stage, Mike bought four of the last five.

We thought Rome (from Sublime) might join them for Lay Me Down since they've been touring together. But, Rome didn't make an appearance. They brought someone out from the audience to fill Rome's shoes. It was all good fun. Towards the end of the show Dirty J came out into the crowd. Mike rocked it out beside him and was given a high-five for his efforts. They wrapped and we brought them back out for an encore. A bunch of drumsticks and picks were handed out and with that the show was over.

At Sixes and Sevens

Ocean City Defined.



Waiting to meet the Dirty Heads

Getting Mike's cd signed

Soberdown with One Pin Short

B Foundation

One Pin Short

Dirty Heads


Dirty J

Lay Me Down with fake Rome

Dirty J and Duddy

After the concert, we went to Goldmine Tavern for the after party. They had $5 PBR pitchers. We got there just in time for seats. Not long after we arrived it was packed to the gills. We ran into members from One Pin Short and Soberdown. Frank bought the lead singer of OPS a beer. We saw fake Rome, too. Beers flowed and music was good, we hung around for a couple hours. Mike hit a wall, and we were hungry so bailed. I thought we'd grab a bite at Eldorado, but the cafe was closed. No eats to be found. Wah-wah. I didn't drink at all during the concert and only had a couple beers at the bar so I was the designated driver. It was a long ride home for Frank and Mike. Made a Del Taco stop for Frank and then headed home. Mike was praying to the porcelain gods. Got him set for bed, ate a few triscuits - the late night snack of champions - and crashed. Between Friday and Saturday it was a wild weekend. Good times, though, good times.

May 25, 2010

Damn, Winds

When people hear I'm from Chicago, many make some comment about the "windy city". Most don't realize that the nickname has nothing to do with actual weather statistics. Rumors say it refers to politics, but it was a term coined to promote tourism to Chicago. Don't get me wrong those cold blustery winds in the winter can be brutal, they'll freeze you to the core. But, I've never seen winds anywhere like what we get here. This El Nino year has been particularly bad. 50+mph wind gusts have become the norm, lately.

Friday there was wind advisory from 11am-11pm. I hoped it wouldn't interfere with the Steve Miller concert. My thought was poor sound, flying debris... minor interference. We pulled up to M Resort's valet about 6:45. The winds were fierce. It took two of us to put the t-tops on the Firebird, one to hold the door while the other secured the t-top. Meanwhile, I couldn't help to notice how much those valet guys would enjoy their night. Wind gusts tossed up skirts and dresses, revealing bare ass and panties. It was quite the show. I've never been happier with my choice of wearing jeans.

We met uncle Pete at 32 Degrees for drinks before dinner. He hasn't been to a concert in 40 years when he heard we were seeing Steve Miller Band, he wanted to join us. Before our 7:30 reservation at Marinelli's, Pete went to the box office to buy his ticket. Only they wouldn't sell it, since the concert was being threatened by the high winds. The staff at Marinelli's then kept us posted on the status of the show.

We had calamari to start. Nice and tender, and lightly breaded. Pete chose a special: stuffed veal, Frank had the onion and cheese risotto and I also selected a special: rigatoni with lamb ragu. We also had two bottles of Chardonnay with dinner. The meal and conversation were excellent. We were perched overlooking the terrace, judging by the waves in the pool we guessed the show would not go on. Soon, a kind woman confirmed our thoughts. The show was cancelled and tickets would be refunded at point of sale. A rain or shine concert called of due to weather in Las Vegas. Imagine that? Damn, Winds.

After dinner we went to Ravello Lounge. We got drinks and waited on a seat. Boogie Knights was performing. We had a good time, dancing, laughing and just being silly. Pete asked the band to play Steve Miller Band. When they returned after their first set they played Rock'N Me. The crowd went wild. Good times. Shortly, after that the night gets fuzzy for me. I was wrecked. Apparently, wine, beers and shots don't mix all that well. We stayed until Boogie Knights called it quits. Frank got us home safely. Then, walking safely was a huge fail on my part. I slipped and busted my knee. Felt no pain until the hangover settled in late Saturday morning, when I climbed into bed knee first and howled in pain. My knee had a nice swollen 3x3 egg, it was ten shades of ugly and puffy as can be. Lovely. Gotta love the memento of being a hot mess.

May 24, 2010

Late-May Blizzard

I'm lagging behind today. I want to share about the weekend's shows and all, but I haven't got the time. It'll be quicker to turn out my tale of the snow storm yesterday.

It was chilly waking up yesterday morning. I took a look at the thermometer, it read a cool 60. I never thought that'd be the high for the day. The mercury only fell as the day went on. Around 2 o'clock we left to take Mike back to my mom's in Pahrump. You could see the storms in the distance, they looked like rain. Once we got closer we quickly realized it was snow. Snow in late-May. WTF? This is the desert for heaven sakes. It was just 94 on Thursday.

It must have sucked to be on those motorcycles. Check out the video from driving thru the storm. The lense filled with snow in a hurry.

May 21, 2010

More on M

Today's article features M Resort. My second time writing about the resort. Nah, you can't tell it's my favorite local's casino - no way. I share details about our fine meal at Marinelli's, how to avoid ticketmaster fees, and you can even enjoy M's pool area without being a hotel guest. Get the scoop at Vegas Values: More to Love at M Resort.

It looks like Frank's uncle will be joining us for the concert. We're meeting for drinks at 32 Degrees, we'll grab a bite and then we'll hit the pool area for the show. A wind advisory is set today 11-11 I have no clue what to expect tonight. 90's to 70's... what to wear? Hope the winds don't interfere with the show. As long as they stay tame I suspect a great night.

May 20, 2010

"Turn it up a little bit"

After busting my ass the last couple weekends, I cannot tell you how happy I am that tomorrow is Friday. This weekend will be busy, but not in the ass busting kinda way. It'll be fun-filled with music, eats and possibly some off-roading or pool time.

I love music... 70's, 80's 90's - a bit of everything. It's been a long time since I got excited about anything new. Welcome, Dirty Heads. They provided the sound-track to our San Diego getaway in April. We couldn't get enough. I knew they'd be huge. I just had to see them before it happened. I searched for shows nearby, but nothing came up in Vegas. They kicked off a tour opening for Sublime with Rome on 4/20 in Cali. It started a huge wave of success. Dozens of dates were added to the tour including a show at Mandalay Bay's Beach on July 30. Yeah, we'll be there. But before that was announced, I found a show in Henderson for the Dirty Heads. My brother helped convince me that they were indeed the band I wanted to see. That show is this Saturday. Once, I knew Mike would be in town, I bought him a ticket, too. Ten bucks, you can't beat it. I'm so stoked to see them live.

Here's a clip from a recent performance at the Jimmy Kimmel show. They've been topping the Alternative Charts with this one, "Lay Me Down".

Tomorrow, we're rocking it old school at M Resort. We are seeing Steve Miller Band. I've passed on shows a number of times before. I was left to regret not seeing Aerosmith last they came to town, so I figured it was better now than (possibly) never. I've liked Steve Miller since I was a wee one. I passed it along to my sister by six, she knew all the words to "The Joker". In hindsight, it probably wasn't appropriate. You live and you learn. "Take the Money and Run" has since become a favorite, it's a great road trip song.

Next month, it looks like we might catch Pepper and Slightly Stoopid at Hard Rock's Pool. Looks like more fun is in store.

May 19, 2010

Sob Story

So, I mentioned that Mike flew in on Friday. Well, my sister took him to the airport. She had hoped to leave Nicky with Jeff, but he was called in early to work. This left her no choice, but to bring him along.

Nicky insisted that he was going to Las Vegas. He was on top of the world. When they left my dad's house he told he said, "Bye, grandpa Gary, I'm going to Las Vegas. Love you, miss you".

Amy repeatedly reminded Nicky that only uncle Mikey was going to Las Vegas. Nicky was relentless, "I'm going to Las Vegas, I'm going to help grammy move".

They stopped at Burger King on the way to the airport. Nicky refused to eat his chicken nuggets, he was saving them for the plane.

When they finally got to the airport Amy missed her turn, which took them by the runways. The kid was so excited you'd think it Christmas morning. Las Vegas!!!

They arrived at passenger drop off. Nicky busted out of his car seat, grabbed his nuggets and Mike's carry-on bag. He was ready to fly.

Amy had to crush his hopes and dreams. "No, Nicky, we're not going, we don't have tickets". "Uncle Mikey has tickets", he says. Only for him. Nicky was pissed. The waterworks began, they were followed by "I won't love you anymore". The dramatics continued. Amy and Mike both felt terrible. He was absolutely heartbroken that he was not going. Amy called my mom to explain to him that he was not coming, because he wasn't accepting it from her. They were all crushed. Had I been there, I'm sure I would have bought the kid a ticket. Watery eyes, quivering lips, and look of defeat. There's no way I could say no.

May 18, 2010

Seriously beat

This weekend was exhausting. Make that EXHAUSTING! Mike got in on time Friday evening, his bags even arrived this time. Nice! It was my first visit since McCarran changed from metered parking to pay parking. Now the line for passenger pick ups is ridiculous, everyone just drives around and around to avoid the fees. They need to make a cell-phone lot like they have at Midway Airport.

Anyway, we headed over to PT's for drinks and a bite. We shared a bucket of boneless wings. They were far better than I imagined. I still prefer Buffalo Wild Wings, but these were the next best thing. We had a great time catching up while pounding a few back. They have the coldest beers around - they go down way too easy. We made it home just before 2am. Morning and hard work would come too soon.

Saturday and Sunday were spent in Pahrump. Saturday I planned to clean the new house. But plumbing issues made it impossible to clean. By mid-day Blaine had one toilet and sink in working order. I did other odds and ends at the new place and then I was off to the old house to pack. Only a few boxes had been packed since I was last there a week ago. I got the kitchen completely done. Only leaving behind a coffee maker, a few cups and silverware. They can't live without coffee.

Sunday was moving day. We had six able bodies, my mom and 17-foot Uhaul. Mom decided they couldn't fully move into the new place because of the plumbing and electrical issues. So beds, fridge and other misc. items would be left behind. Packing wasn't nearly as complete as I was led to believe so much of the first trip was pack and load. My mom and I ran around prepping and packing and Frank and Don (hired help) loaded the truck. Mike was sent to the new place because my mom was concerned about the dogs. Blaine was out feeding animals. The 6th body disappeared until late afternoon. I did not want Frank to lift my mom's heaviest pieces, an armoire and old flat big screen tv. After having back surgery I felt it was too risky. But he loaded and unloaded both pieces against my wishes. Thankfully, he managed ok.

On Saturday my mom hired a man to clear an area for the horses to roam free. After the ground was disturbed the dirt turned to sand it was soft as the dunes. I mentioned to my mom that the Uhaul had to hug the trees when driving up to the front door, otherwise it would get stuck. Well, despite my words of caution, Blaine drove the truck into the live-wire area and got stuck. We didn't have tow rope long enough so Frank had to run into town to buy a couple from Walmart. In the meantime, I built deck box for storage and lent a hand in setting up to animal pens. When he returned, I helped prep the vehicles with the tow rope. Thank goodness we had the Suburban after a few tugs the Uhaul was free. Had we not brought it, I'm not sure what would have happened.

We unloaded the truck and then it was back to the old house for the next load. It took two full loads to gather much of the house and garage. One load for animals pens. And my mom will need to rent the truck again to move the remainder of the house items and the peacock pens. It was more stuff than I ever imagined. We worked our asses off for 11 hours. My feet hurt so bad at the end of the day, my veins were swollen and puffy, my legs have never looked more gross. I don't think I've ever felt dirtier. When I first stepped into the shower it hurt to get clean. The same way it feels when you stick your hand in an ice chest when it's blazing outside.

The worst of the move is complete. There is still much work to be done. But once my mom gets settled I think she'll be very happy at her new digs. Her animals will be, too. I love the place already. It has shade. And it's much closer to Vegas. Shaving off 20 minutes from the drive home late-Sunday night was much appreciated. I was home and showered by the time it usually took to drive door-to-door.

May 14, 2010

Muy Bueno!

I covered my current favorite Mexican restaurant for this week's column. Check it out! Vegas Values: A Winning Combo.

We took my mom there to celebrate her birthday a few weeks ago. She only started to like Mexican within the last couple years. Steak quesadillas are her bag. She approved of the one at Casa Don Juan. "M'mmm the tortilla is so crisp", she said.

I'm always trying to get her to expand her horizons and try new food. Usually she turns me down, but she tried carnitas and the tamale, much to my surprise. "M'mmm good", she says. Yeah. I know. Maybe one day she'll step out of her comfort zone and realize there's a whole world of culinary delights out there. It begins with one bite, after all.

May 13, 2010

A Ride of a Lifetime

A friend and co-worker is about to embark on an amazing journey in order to raise funds for the National MS Society. Saturday, he will depart from his Las Vegas home and pedal his way to Anchorage, Alaska with a small detour to Prudoe Bay and the Arctic Ocean. Yes, you read right, I said pedal. He's riding his bike. I'm not talking about a motorcycle either, just a regular ol' bicycle. He will ride through 7 states and 3 Canadian Provinces for a total of approx. 7,500 miles.

And here I was proud of my bike ride from the San Francisco Wharf across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. That's a hiccup in comparison. I'm really in awe of his determination and drive. I'd worry about his sanity had he not completed a trek like this once before, but that was 30 years ago, that journey took him from Missoula, Montana to Anchorage, Alaska. I think it's safe to say he's definitely upped the stakes.

I wish him well on his journey. I figure the least I can do is spread word about his tale and work to boost his fundraising efforts.

So, if you're looking to donate to a charitable cause this is a great opportunity. Donations are tax-deductable. Help the National Multiple Sclerosis Society today!

Many thanks for your support!

May 12, 2010

Back at it

Yeah, I got lazy. I fell back into my sluggish ways this winter. Getting sick really derails me every single time. Winter quickly turned into spring and here I am squishy and a bit bigger than I'd like to be. It's taken me a few weeks to amp myself up and get motivated to commit, err, re-commit to exercise and healthy eating.

Eating isn't much of an issue. I eat healthy and make good choices majority of the time. My meals out are the exception. But I'm not willing to compromise on those. I enjoy dining way too much to deprive myself of that happiness. I do need to re-evaluate portion sizes and my overall daily intake. I'm older now, so I'm sure some adjusting is necessary. I'm in the process of tweaking my current daily needs.

Exercise. That's my focus. I'm active on the weekends, but I fall short during the week. I'm chained to my desk 9 hours a day unless I make the effort to get off my ass and exercise on my lunch break. For months I used every excuse imagineable to convince myself to skip those workouts. NO MORE.

Last week, I finally got my head in the game. I'm currently 8/8 for daily exercise. My goal is a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day for six weeks. I first did this slug no more challenge last fall. I was able to shed some weight and tone up. I'm hoping my dedication provides me with similar results again.

I don't want to be squishy anymore.

May 11, 2010

Enough Already!

Wind wind go away, come again some other year. Seriously, we've had enough in the last few weeks to last a lifetime. It's a shock that I still have trees standing. The gusts have been unreal. It sounds like I live by train yards, with freight trains whizzing by. One tree has caused the stucco to crack in our dividing wall from all it's swaying. Not sure how to go about fixing it, it's something to look into before it becomes a real problem.

I'm so over this warm and cold spells. Regular seasonal temps, that's all I ask. 90 to 60, 90 to 60, I should be used to it by now, but I'm not. It only makes 90 feel that much warmer and we should not be experiencing winter temperatures in May.

We thought we were past thing yo-yo weather. We put the solar cover on the pool last week. The water temperature was up to 73 this weekend. We've since lost all the heat. We had to remove the cover because of all the debris in the pool. As much as we want warm water, it's not worth risking the battle against algae.

Frank was so pleased when the pool was finally clean yesterday evening. However, it was just in time for the next wind storm. It howled all night. It woke us a couple times, usually we are deep sleepers. When we took a look in the morning you'd never guess the pool was sparkling clean just 12 short hours before.

Please, please can we have a break? Regular seasonal temperatures would be much appreciated. Thank you.

May 10, 2010

So tired

This weekend wiped me out. Friday I got the house straightened knowing I had a busy weekend ahead.

Saturday, I helped mom pack. We managed to get a lot done. We never got to Amy's old room and we left behind items needed for the rest of the week, but all other odds and ends are packed and ready to go. Next weekend we'll start the big move! Such a whirlwind since just a couple weeks ago she was considering relocating to Tennessee since nothing affordable could be found out here. Just goes to prove my belief that everything happens for a reason.

Sunday, Frank and I ran a couple errands and then we attacked the backyard. The trees and plants were overgrown. We got to much of it. We took out six or seven vines. I grew tired of trying to maintain them, ultimately they'd always grow back and take over. It looks naked without them, but now I have a place to hang baskets and a retaining wall to fill with flowers. Two of the vines grew along the wall, we put a couple rose bushes in their place. We transplanted them from planters alongside the house. Once, I pick out new flowers and everything grows in, it ought to look real nice.

I'll leave you with a couple photos from mom's house on Saturday.

Windy days are hard on peacocks.

Ever seen a sunburt chicken? How about two? The lack of feathers is a result of mating and molting.

May 7, 2010


So, this week I let you all in on my secret... Siena Bistro; It's my favorite breakfast spot. Get the scoop at Vegas Values: A Hidden Gem. A lake, lush greens, mountain and strip views, plus reasonable and tasty eats. You can't go wrong.

More babies!

My mom has had her hands full the last couple days. Meet the other new arrivals. This is Mabel and Annie, both are peking ducks.

This trio of chicks hatched from the incubator. I believe they're all Polish chickens. Only two have names, Uno and Rusty. The third little guy is nameless, so far.

Then, this guy had a rough start. He might just be the ugliest newborn ever. He kinda looks like Big Bird on meth, doesn't he?

He didn't peck out of his shell quick enough so the sack began to dry all over him. He was pretty well glued to his shell. My mom helped him out and gave him half a dozen baths. He's doing much better today, see? Meet Tubby.

I'll be by to see all the new kiddos this weekend. I plan to help mom get packed, since next weekend should start the big move.

Hope all you moms have a wonderful Mother's Day. Don't forget to take a moment just for you.

May 6, 2010

Mom's moving

My mom is moving, but not to Tennessee. Oddly enough the day she was going to book her flight to Nashville, a new listing came on the market. She's been looking in Pahrump for 6 months or so. She has put offers on dozens of places, but she was repeatedly outbid. None were too upsetting, because she didn't LOVE any of them, but they each had potential. This latest one, though, she loved. It's is in really good condition, too. She acted quick and won a bidding war. The house is hers.

It's a bit closer to Vegas, it should shave 10-15 minutes off the drive. That'll be nice to get door-to-door in less than an hour. She'll keep her two acres, and the living space is about the same. She is losing a garage, however. But a shed or two should resolve the need for storage space. The best part is that she'll own her house free and clear. She won't ever need to worry about losing the roof over her head again. It's a huge relief for me, so I can't imagine how relieved she must be.

She's expected to close and record at the end of next week. Mike is flying in from Chicago on Friday to lend a hand with the move. He'll likely be around for a month. The move will be one helluva task. The usual stuff is little concern other than a ginormous armoire and heavy big screen tv. Hopefully, Mike and Blaine can manage. Frank won't be much help, he has to be cautious with any lifting to keep back problems from reoccurring. The ordeal will be moving the animals and their stalls, cages, and fencing. Ever moved two horses, three goats, three dogs, a pig, a flock of ducks and geese, a slew of chickens and two peacocks? Me, either. I'll let you know how it goes.

To make things a bit more complicated it's baby time on the ranch. farm, whatever your preference. Goslings hatched last week. Here's Gooseston, Nicky named him.

And you might remember me mentioning the chicken eggs she is incubating, well two hatched yesterday. She hasn't sent me photos of them yet. More are due shortly.

The next few weeks ought to be wild.

May 5, 2010

Sedona Lounge

Years ago we went to Sedona Lounge at 215/Flamingo, we thought it was just another neighborhood video poker bar. We had sticker shock once we got inside. I don't recall a single menu item less than 15 bucks. We bailed. We weren't up for upscale bar food at the time.

Last week, we returned. It's had a complete remodel since our last visit. Before, I recall curtains and large booths. Now, it's pretty hip and swanky, with a large bar and seating all around. There is also an outdoor patio, but it was windy and cool the night we were there. We sat inside. The tables quickly filled after we got seated. Apparently, it's a popular place.

We started with Four Cheese Flatbread ($12). The cheesy mix of fontina, provolone, mozzarella, and parmesan was a great gooey blend, but the sauce and crust were weak links. The sauce lacked any zip and I prefer a chewier crust. This one was a bit dry and crisp.

We each chose an entree and decided to share. Frank started with Baja Fish Tacos ($16). The mahi mahi pieces were dry, I wasn't a fan. Frank enjoyed the corn and black bean salad that came on the side.

I had a beef gyro wrap ($14). It was a bit bland and calling it a gyro was a stretch. I suppose I'm too used to savory mix of spices, beef and lamb in a traditional gyro. The fries looked crunchy, but they were mushy. I like crisp fries. The side salad with mixed greens and feta was great, though.

We left Sedona unimpressed. We'll stick to their sister restaurant, John Cutter. They have greats salads and good sandwiches. Prices are more reasonable there, too.

May 4, 2010

Ice Box Canyon

Sunday we went to Red Rock for a hike. We wanted to see a waterfall and felt our best chance was at Ice Box Canyon. Let's get right to it... Ice Box Canyon trail is there somewhere.

Onward and upward.

We climbed enough elevation for a clear view across the park.

Heading deeper into the canyon.

And deeper...

Looks like a face, doesn't it?

First pool of water, some might think this is the end of the trail, but here's where it gets interesting. It's rock scrambling time!

Yep! That's the way.

The trail winds around the canyon walls.

Trees grow out of the rock, it's pretty wild.

This dying tree reminded me of the Whoville Tree. Surprising the winds haven't taken it out.

Check out the colors in the rock.

First glimpse of the falls.

Ice Box Canyon Falls, it strengthens after heavy rainfall and seasonally with melting snow. May is late for any waterfalls, so we were lucky to see the trickle from melting ice above.

That man near the ledge is looking over a pool of water. Soon, disaster would strike. And he'd be shaken to the core. We'll call him the cardiologist.

The cardiologist's wife slipped and fell into the freezing cold pool. She knocked her head along the way causing it to bleed. He jumped in after her. A few other quickly went to their aid. No one had cell service. So, everyone pulled together to help them to safety. Fortunately, the woman was coherent. She was freezing and in shock, but she was pretty good spirits for having a head injury. Frank donated his sweatshirt to keep her warm and a few experienced hikers hoisted the couple down the falls. Then, they assisted them out of the canyon to be sure they made it our safely. The couple were from out of town and had a 5:30 flight to catch. Somehow, I doubt they made it, but I hope she was ok. It was a scary sight to witness. The sense of helplessness is overwhelming.

We hung back at the falls to give them a good head start out of the canyon. The sun had moved and I was able to capture the beautiful colors of the falls.

We headed back, let the rock scrambling continue...

Do you see the rock climber?

You keep busy watching your every step, but it's good to take a break to enjoy the view and the desert wildflowers.

Once we got back to flat pavement it felt very odd. It was wild. A little ways down the loop, we spotted wild burros. It's been 5 years or so since I last saw them so it was a nice treat to see them still around.

Minutes later we were back in the city, cruising on the 215 headed home. It's wonderful to have Red Rock Canyon in our backyard.

We really enjoyed the hike. We intend to continue with more until we've done them all. It sounds like a fun challenge.