March 30, 2010

Sporting Clay Course

Saturday we got up early and went to the shooting range, Ben Avery Target Center. We walked both sporting clay courses. It's a great set-up and perfect for all skill levels. Las Vegas recently got something similar up North. We'll have to check it out soon, I'm pretty sure it's fully open now.

The gun buggy cracked me up. I had never seen one before.

I tend not to like the shotgun. I'm too wussy for it. I don't feel I have enough control and I bruise easily. I fired two shots, seen below. I didn't touch a clay, I blame the wind. And yes, I bruised from two measly tries.

clay thrower

How about scenery? I enjoyed it while the guys took turns shooting.

The wildflowers were lovely

I love these, they're so cheery.

Not exactly what you want to see at a shooting range...

Spotted this guy scurrying across the path to dash to this rock to soak up some rays.

Spring in the desert is so gosh-darn gorgeous. Also, the Mojave and Sonoran are much more different than you might expect. I'm reminded that when visiting the Phoenix area.


Hurricane Mikey said...

You would have much more control and it wouldn't hurt so much if you leaned into the gun instead of leaning back when you fired it. Makes a huge difference.

Maybe you can get a .410 or something instead of a 12 gauge next time--much easier on the shoulder.

Kellee said...

Good tip. I've only fired the one we have, it's heavy, the grip is awkard. I'm really not comfortable with it. I forget who makes it, it's semi-automatic.

Frank wants to get a Mossberg for me, he seems to think it'd be a better fit. We went shopping a couple months back. I found a nice one with a pistol grip that was much lighter than ours. I liked it, but it was more coin that we were looking to spend.

I'm in no rush. Actually, I'd prefer to pick up a .45 first.