March 31, 2010

Royals vs. A's

Saturday we saw Kansas City take on Oakland. Poor pitching, but there were many runs. It made for a long game, but it was a nice relaxed day at park.

Former White Sox, Pods and Fields.

Time to update team photos opening day is near.

Plays from the game

Pitching was weak

Running home

A's First Base Coach

14-12 Royals win.

March 30, 2010

Sporting Clay Course

Saturday we got up early and went to the shooting range, Ben Avery Target Center. We walked both sporting clay courses. It's a great set-up and perfect for all skill levels. Las Vegas recently got something similar up North. We'll have to check it out soon, I'm pretty sure it's fully open now.

The gun buggy cracked me up. I had never seen one before.

I tend not to like the shotgun. I'm too wussy for it. I don't feel I have enough control and I bruise easily. I fired two shots, seen below. I didn't touch a clay, I blame the wind. And yes, I bruised from two measly tries.

clay thrower

How about scenery? I enjoyed it while the guys took turns shooting.

The wildflowers were lovely

I love these, they're so cheery.

Not exactly what you want to see at a shooting range...

Spotted this guy scurrying across the path to dash to this rock to soak up some rays.

Spring in the desert is so gosh-darn gorgeous. Also, the Mojave and Sonoran are much more different than you might expect. I'm reminded that when visiting the Phoenix area.

March 29, 2010

Surprise, Surprise

We had a great visit to Surprise, AZ. We enjoyed the scenic 4.5 hour cruise (each way) through the desert. There are few things better than cruising t-tops off, with the wind blowing through your hair and warm sun kissing your skin, while singing along to great tunes. Ahhhh! Fresh air and freedom.

Our friend Shane hosted us for the weekend. We had a lot of laughs, ate good eats, drank tasty cold beers, played darts, went to the shooting range, and caught two baseball games. It was a good, good time.

I'm sorting through the photos. I'll begin with the road trip. Enjoy!

March 26, 2010

This is it

So, this what 30 feels like? No different. Not that I really expected any changes overnight. Besides the grays, arthritis and varicose veins settled in years ago. Although, I think the days of dying my hair are near.

I'm very happy to report that I had a great dinner at Le Cirque. I chose well this year. It broke the streak of two not-so-great birthday meals in a row (Carnevino and Rosemary's). No redemption is needed for our anniversary this year unlike the past two. Full details to come next week, but in the meantime I will say that the staff made me feel special, the food was tasty and I tried escargot, caviar, lotus root and daikon for the first time. The daikon was my least favorite. I enjoyed the others.

Check out this cute little truffle trinket box we were given as a take-home treat.

Cute isn't it?

I was fortunate to celebrate my birthday a little early this year while Amy and Nicky were here. Amy surprised me with cupcakes from Mad Hatter. My favorite. They sang me happy birthday and Nicky took a few turns blowing out the candle after I had my turn. She put together a basket filled with goodies to relax. It was super sweet of her.

My brother photoshopped a white sox cake to wish me a happy birthday. It was perfect. I appreciated his creativity.

My mom dropped a card in the mail and it got to me before my birthday, that was a surprise. She often procrastinates. She even ordered my gift weeks ago, only shipping was delayed. It'll be a nice treat when it arrives. Whatever it is.

Frank was a sweetheart and he arranged for me to have a massage at the spa. I'll cash it in the first week of April sometime. He also surprised me with dark chocolate macadamia nuts. Yum!

Family and friends offered their best wishes, too. It was a great way to usher in my 30's.

The fun continues this weekend. We're off to Surprise for Spring Training. Go White Sox!

Oh, and rather than taunt you with no food review here's this week's LLV article, Vegas Values: World's Greatest Hamburger?