May 11, 2009

Still sick, no longer worried

Thankfully, Nicky improved and he was sent home late Friday. He was still experiencing tremors, but they believed they'd wear off. They continued through Saturday, but he was 100% back to normal on Sunday. The best Mother's Day gift ever.

Allergies are still kicking my ass. I think my backyard is killing me. Gardenia recently bloomed and I've been miserable since then. I did get relief yesterday in the desert while we were off-roading. As soon as I got home, I started back up like a leaky faucet.

We celebrated Mother's Day a day early with my mom. I didn't do too bad in Pahrump, but the hay and animals didn't do me any favors. We had dinner at Mountain View Casino and stayed to play for a bit. I lost at everything, but keno. For whatever reason Caveman Keno has been incredibly generous to me. I've played it three times and made money each time, this time, I cashed out a cool $50 by hitting four numbers with twenty cents bet.

Yesterday, we had an interesting day off-roading. We ran two trails, Coyote Falls and Devils Canyon. I'll get to those details later today or possibly tomorrow.


Dave P. said...

Glad to hear Nicky is doing better. You're right, it's the best Mother's Day (or Father's Day) gift to have a healthy child.

I usually get killed by pollen in the early spring. I can be dying when I'm out cutting the grass this time of year. Luckily, we've had enough rain to keep the pollen count down. Not something you can get in Vegas though.

Kellee said...

We've been dry and windy- No help there. Normally, though, my allergies get bad in April. This is new. And they still have a hold on me today. I'll see the doctor on Thursday. If nothing else, I should get relief then.