January 5, 2009

First post of 2009

Back to work, after a fabulous four day weekend. It would've only been better if Frank were off with me. I was productive, I managed to get quite a bit done, I didn't even feel rushed to do it. Very nice!

New Year's Eve, Frank got off work around 5 o'clock. My mom and I spent much of the day at car dealers, she was interested in buying a truck. We walked away empty handed - she couldn't get enough for her trade to make payments affordable. We had dinner at The Creek, a video poker bar, not far from the house. Bellies full, we returned home and watched the jumps at Paris and Rio on TV. Robbie Madison is awesome! Afterwards, we played cards and drank beer. At eleven, we hopped in the Jimmy and made our way up the mountainside near Summerlin. We had a spectacular view of the strip, we watched the glittery lights, and gazed at the stars while we waited to ring in the New Year. We happened to catch a shooting star, so we all made a wish. Not long after the countdown began, Happy New Year!! Kisses & hugs all around followed by a toast. The firework display was underway. This year, the fireworks were launched from the parking garages instead of the roofs because of the Monte Carlo fire. It made for a weak show. The fireworks didn't make it higher than the hotels. It was disappointing. Years past, the shows have been fantastic! We recorded the local live broadcasts, we watched the firework footage when we got home. Turns out we had one of the best views around. The perspective from the strip was just terrible. If this is the way the show must be done, they mine as well cancel it, as-is the show is a waste of money. We topped off the night in the hot tub. It was a quiet way to celebrate the New Year.

New Year's day I spent with my mom, the following three days, I worked around the house, ran errands and shopped. Frank and I had breakfast at the Original Pancake House. The gouda & ham omelet was huge and delicious, the pancakes were tasty, too. I also met Frank for dinner at the Victorian room for Chinese. Shrimp fried rice, yum!

I powerwashed my windows, the patio and pool deck. Amazing how much better the stuff looks without layers of dirt. I also bought new bedding. We have a california king, finding sheets is a chore, but finding comforters, etc. had been near impossible... Well, at a affordable price. JC Penney is running their white sale, I picked up an oversized king down comforter that fits our bed, and I also bought a duvet set. Then, at Bed Bath and Beyond, I was able to find coordinating bed skirt and pillowcases. I was amazed to see it all fit when I got it all home and on the bed. We've never had an adult looking bed. It's a nice change.

My last task was to scrape the peacock off the window next to the front door. That was the last of the painted windows. I plan to put up frosted privacy film on the window. We attempted it last night, but noticed that it recommend applying the film at temperatures between 45-90. It was barely 40 at the time. We hit the hot tub instead with a bottle of champagne. Can't say I was disappointed.

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