July 9, 2008

Family history

A few posts back, I mentioned that my mom bought home a bunch of my grandma's photos. I've scanned them all and figured I'd share a few. Ok, more than a few...

This is my great grandfather, Harry. When he was a child he came to America from Sweden by boat.

He was an electrical contractor, he also enjoyed carpentry in his spare time. Most of our family's prized possessions were made by his hands. He owned a electronics store for many years.

My great grandmother was the first in the Chicago area to have a princess phone.

They had three daughters, Betty (second from the left), Lois (last on the right) and Harriett (center). My great grandmother is the first on the left.

My grandma, Harriett, is the youngest.

She befriended Trixie and chose to runaway with her when her parents said that she couldn't keep her. They returned home, and Trixie became part of the family.

My grandma excelled in school and actively played bridge and other card games. As young woman she married Thomas. They had five children, Tom, Jeff, Jack, Lee and Patti.

This is the only photo I've seen of my grandpa, he passed away when my mom was two. He's having fun with Tom here, his eldest son.

My mom and aunt Lee

My uncle Tom

My uncle Jack and aunt cindy (highschool sweethearts, still married today)

My uncle Jeff and the one that got away. He's never married.

When the kids were grown, my grandma remarried.

My aunt lee

My mom and her cousin

After they wed, my grandma and Gordon moved to Black River Falls, WI. Tom, Jack, Lee and Patti later married and kids. My grandma had eight grandkids and two great grandkids when she passed away.

I'm three here

Growing up, all I wanted was a brother and sister. By the time I was nine, both wishes came true. Mike came along when I was seven, Amy followed two years later.

Christmas 1989

Here's my brother at age four

And my sister at age two

It's fun to look back. It's a reminder of how precious life is and quickly it passes by. For example, my brother will celebrate his 21st birthday on Sunday. I've watched him grow, but it doesn't seem possible, it feels like yesterday I was bouncing off the walls with excitement because I would finally be a big sister. And the thought of my sister's son turning two in four short months, just boggles my mind. At least, as years pass, I gain more fond memories to cherish.

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