May 19, 2008

Purse strings

We had a very low key weekend. We’ve tightened the purse strings to save every penny possible for our down payment and misc. expenses. Nothing makes you want to spend more than knowing you can’t. In the last week, we’ve only had two meals out. Friday we had the fajitas express lunch at Garduno’s inside the Palms. And Saturday, we had Buffalo Wild Wings. That may not seem like a big deal to most, but we’ve grown accustomed to dining out several times a week. My oven at home probably thinks the world is ending; it’s been used more in the last week than it has all year.

Saturday night we went downtown to check out the Helldorado festivities. We caught a portion of the parade, which was very lackluster and we stayed for the fireworks at 9:15. The RJ stated the display would be lit from the roof of Fremont Square, formerly Neonopolis. That was the first I’ve heard of the name change, I wonder when it occurred. We were shocked to see some new tenants coming to Neonopolis, err, Fremont Square. Maybe the name change will bring some life to the place? A sushi restaurant is coming soon and there’s a little coffee, sandwich, ice cream shop that opened two weeks ago. We bought a beverage to show our support and wished the gentleman well on his endeavor.

We caught the firework display from the 5th floor motel style rooms at the El Cortez. It offered us a great perspective to view the show. It lasted about 10 minutes; it was mildly entertaining, it would’ve been better had they not drawn it out as long. Overall, it was nice to see so many people, especially locals, on Fremont Street.

Sunday marked the second day of record triple digits so we spent most of the day in the pool. Conditions were perfect! We had the pool to ourselves, there was no wind, the water was warm, but cool enough to be refreshing. Eventually, the swim and sun, wore us out and we had a siesta. Which got us thinking… the new house needs a Mexican hammock, maybe two? I don’t want to wait until our trip in December, so I must see if I can score one online. See? There I go again, itching to spend.

In house related news, the home inspection is scheduled for tomorrow, things are just zipping along. Now, if we could just sell the condo... then we could loosen those purse strings.

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