May 13, 2008

Looking up

I left work early yesterday and met with our realtor to see more homes. Frank got stuck at work and joined us later. We toured a couple dumps that were bank owned, but we also saw three homes that were listed by homeowners. What a difference! The homes were well maintained and clean. One in particular was a diamond in the rough. It’s a 4 bedroom 3 bath home with sun room, pool and spa. The sellers are the original owners and they took great pride in their home. The place is immaculate. The house has everything we are seeking and a bit more, and it’s located on a cul-de-sac in the SW west part of town that we enjoy. The only downside is the list price is higher than our budget allows since we intend to keep the condo. We plan to place an offer about $20k below list, hopefully, the sellers will accept. Before we can write the contract we need a new approval letter from our lender. Our last one qualified us based on the sale of the condo, now, we need one that confirms we still qualify. Frank already has the ball rolling on that, with any luck the lender will move quickly and we’ll have it wrapped up today or tomorrow. Then maybe, just maybe, we will call this house home

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