July 9, 2007

7.7.7 Getting lucky in Lake Las Vegas (cont.)

After we got situated we walked across the Pontevecchio Bridge to the village where the shops, restaurants and casino are located. I snapped a few pictures along the way.

Lake Las Vegas and Luna Di Lusso to the left:

Marina and village to the right:

Opposite side of bridge looking toward Ritz-Carlton:

We walked through the village shops, but it was hard to see what each was selling because of the scorching sun. Not many people walking about probably had something to do with the 115 degree temperature.

We were getting pretty hot from our walk so we sought relief from the hot sun inside Casino Monte Lago. Sweet A/C, can't live in the desert without it. We made a stop at Club Uno for player's cards. We played once there before shortly after it opened, surprisingly Frank was still in their system after four years. I didn't have an account so I was entitled to $5 of free slot play.

First stop was $1 Crystal 7's with my free play, nada won there. We moved on to Blazing 7's, no luck there, either. Next we found full pay double bonus VP and made ourselves comfortable. Played for a bit, but no notable jackpots were won. Frank decided to play some blackjack and I hit the penny slots. Finally we each had some luck. We doubled our money and killed a decent amount of time. We met up and played misc slots. Said and done, we lost $20 between the two of us, that's not a win, but we felt pretty lucky.

We had time before our dinner reservations at Como's so we decided to return to our room and lounge a bit beforehand.

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